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Keystone Truck Accounting
  Core Features
    Fuel Taxes
    Driver Qualification
    Profit Reports
    Company Databank
    Report Writer
    On-Screen Help
    Integrated Accounting
  Training & Support
  Extensive Options
    Dispatch Central
    Maintenance & Inventory
    Driver Logs
    Advanced Rating
    Fuel Services
    Direct Deposit
    Tire Tracking
    Mileage Options
    Mobile Communications
    Document Scanning
    Web-based Load Status
    Bulk Commodity
    Interline LTL
  Asset-based &  Brokerage
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Keystone Systems
Customer Testimonials

We at Keystone work hard to maintain a strong and positive working relationship with our customers.

See what our clients have to say about the products, service and staff at Keystone Systems, home of the best value in computer software for trucking companies!

Barb McCammon, treasurer, K-W Trucking, Inc (Osborne KS): We have used Keystone's software since April, 1991. It would be pretty hard for someone to get me to take a million dollars for this program. It just does everything I need and does it well. I get information on other packages all the time, but I just throw them away! It is an old cliché, but I figure, 'If it isn't broken, don't fix it!'"
Michelle, Brake Trucking (Vian OK): Keystone’s Log Auditor really helped during our recent DOT audit.
Tracee, Battery Contact (Springfield IL): We have been using the scanning option for a week and we already love it
Michelle, STSB Trucking (Chickasha OK): Marci has been incredible! I cannot believe how fast we are getting caught up now that we have the Keystone software. I don’t know what I was afraid of. This program is easy!
Shelly Little, EB Little Jr Trucking (Grandview TX): Keystone Systems’ software works great and saves lots of time.
Brenda, Hayes Transport (Verona WI): Scanning is working great and saves us lots of time. We scan everything!
Larry Brach, Brach Trucking (Mack CO): This software and its support are great. It definitely saves me from hiring another employee.
Debbie, Scott Fulcher Trucking (Caldwell ID): I have been thinking about starting a new location and thought I might as well consider other software. A guy from TruckMaster happened to call, so I let him show his stuff. It is the biggest piece of [garbage] I have ever seen! There may be something there, but presentation is bad, screens are ugly, and it requires their linex server. Keystone has spoiled me!
Dave Balazsi, DMB Transportation Service (Wyandotte MI): I have been in the trucking business for 23 years and this software is the best I have seen. It does what you need to get done!
Roger, Roger Rader Inc (Sun River MT): I really appreciate the enhancements that have come out in the last couple years. Keystone’s software just keeps getting better and better!
Jim Downey, Downey Trucking (Auburn KY): I really like KSI. It is so much easier than what we previously had! (QuickBooks and another transportation package)
Mary McDermid, McDermid Transportation (Oconto Falls WI): It has been 5 years and I am so glad we went with Keystone!
Audrey (now retired), Utley Inc (Steele MO): I don't mind at all talking to your prospective customers when you give our name as a reference. Not only do I hope to enhance your business, but also help make their daily workloads a little lighter.
Paula, Lomax Trucking Service (Hannibal MO): We are thrilled–With our old software we never did get good financials, even at year end. Now, after one month, we went back to the 1st of the year and now, after 1 month, we have good financials!
Greg, Niagara Logistics (Gladstone MI): We have grown from 40 trucks in 2001 to 110 trucks in 2007 using KSI software!
Kathy Thomas Brown, Thomas Trucking (Cincinnati): We are very happy with KSI. It is so much easier to use than Innovative.
Ken Armstrong, Austin Transportation (Ravenna MI): When it comes to reducing costs, Keystone is definitely part of the solution, not the problem. You can get more done with fewer people with this software. Our outside CPS even referred another of his clients to Keystone and they purchased the software too.
Trucking companies across the country use Keystone's software today. It is an easy-to-use, integrated system, eliminating duplication of effort to save you time and money. It is the only package on the market that recognizes the importance of balancing a strong logistics side with a powerful accounting/back office side to create a full solution for the success of your business.

Keystone Systems software lets you automate to a level that fits your needs and style of operation. Like all our options, you can add these features at any time, so your software grows with you and does not hold you back.

We offer the ease-of-use to efficiently complete your everyday work, while providing the flexibility and tools to handle those unusual situations that arise in any business from time to time. With a 30+ year track record in serving the transportation industry, Keystone is the partner that will be there when you need us!
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