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Keystone Truck Accounting
  Core Features
    Fuel Taxes
    Driver Qualification
    Profit Reports
    Company Databank
    Report Writer
    On-Screen Help
    Integrated Accounting
  Training & Support
  Extensive Options
    Dispatch Central
    Maintenance & Inventory
    Driver Logs
    Advanced Rating
    Fuel Services
    Direct Deposit
    Tire Tracking
    Mileage Options
    Mobile Communications
    Document Scanning
    Web-based Load Status
    Bulk Commodity
    Interline LTL
  Asset-based &  Brokerage
About Us

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Keystone Systems
Transportation Software
Keystone Truck Software provides complete, comprehensive, flexible, powerful accounting and tracking, and gives users quick, easy access to your company’s information and resources.

Extensive Options
Training and Support
Our success in the trucking industry is based both on our expertise in computer software and our commitment to developing customer-based solutions. Established in 1978, Keystone Systems has over three decades of experience serving the trucking industry. We have specialized versions for long haul (truck load), less than truckload (LTL), bulk commodities (including chip), and tank operations. Keystone can tailor a computer system to meet your needs, based on any one or a combination of these areas of activity. By continually working with our clients, we make sure that our products meet real-world needs. By anticipating the trucking industry’s needs, staying abreast of evolving technology, and incorporating the latest technology developments into our products, Keystone Systems ensures its position as an innovative leader in the trucking software industry.
Asset-based Operations versus Brokerage
Multiple Companies
Truck Software Core Products
Keystone's core package and options cover all the needs of an asset-based operation. While trucking companies were our original focus, over the years it become obvious that brokering would become a more and more significant part of the market. Many clients added brokerage business to provide better service to their existing customers, or to allow them to run a smaller fleet of their own.

Many of Keystone's current clients are strictly brokerage, agreeing that Keystone has everything they are looking for.

Brokerage features include tracking individual drivers with a carrier, insurance coverage details, preferred traffic lanes and carrier ratings. You can search and filter your carrier base by traffic lanes, fleet size, available equipment types and more.

Whether you run your own trucks, owner-operators, brokered carriers, or any combination of these, we have you covered. There is no additional charge to set up as many sets of books as you need.
Many of our clients are strictly asset-based, some straight brokerage, while more and more run both type operations. Your Keystone software supports all these combinations. Whether you run our operation as one company, separate asset-based and brokerage companies, or even further taxable entities, your software license covers all the bases. While many transportation packages charge extra for additional companies, there is never an extra charge for your Keystone software. As long as the separate databases are housed on the same computer, they are covered under your license.
Core capabilities include back office areas of billing, driver/carrier settlements, fuel tax reporting with IFTA & ton-mile taxes, and driver qualification to track license and physical renewals, reviews, and random drug tests. You will also find various management profitability reports including costs & revenue per mile by trip, truck, driver, customer and commodity. We also include a comprehensive report writer and fully integrated accounting software.

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While our core package is one of the most extensive offerings in transportation software, we do not stop there. An extensive list of options allow you to tailor your software to match the needs of your business. You can add options at any time, so there is no pressure to buy more than you need to start.
When you purchase a Keystone Systems software package, you automatically receive 6 months of free telephone support and training. Training schedules can be tailored to meet the needs of your staff, providing a smooth transition from existing manual or computerized methods. This allows minimal disruption of your normal work flow and greater acceptance by your personnel.
Trucking companies across the country use Keystone's software today. It is an easy-to-use, integrated system, eliminating duplication of effort to save you time and money. It is the only package on the market that recognizes the importance of balancing a strong logistics side with a powerful accounting/back office side to create a full solution for the success of your business.

Keystone Systems software lets you automate to a level that fits your needs and style of operation. Like all our options, you can add these features at any time, so your software grows with you and does not hold you back.

We offer the ease-of-use to efficiently complete your everyday work, while providing the flexibility and tools to handle those unusual situations that arise in any business from time to time. With a 30+ year track record in serving the transportation industry, Keystone is the partner that will be there when you need us!
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Support: 1-509-535-5026